2023 AGM

CBRA’s 2023 Annual General Meeting will held at 7pm Wednesday September 27th 2023 at Goward House (2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC, Canada V8N 1V9).


1. Approve 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes
2. Executive Reports
3. CBRA Financial Statements
4. Approval of Special Resolution: CBRA Constitutional Change
Resolution & proposed amendment enclosed
5. Election of the new CBRA Board
CBRA Members are invited to consider joining the Board for 2022/23

The full AGM package is available to download and print:

If you require a physical copy of the AGM package, please email chair@cadboro.ca.

Election of the Board of Directors

One of the key events at each AGM is election of the Board of Directors. The current Board has nominated and recommends election of the following members:

  • Barry Andruschak
  • Donna Baird
  • Colette Baty
  • Hans Bawa
  • Mike Benna
  • Robert des Trois Maisons
  • Peter Gosniak
  • Jenn Porayko
  • Katarina Sutic-Bata
  • Kristel Walker

The Board of Directors appreciates your consideration of this recommendation.

If you wish to run for a board seat, you are encouraged to reach out to chair@cadboro.ca in advance of the meeting.


AGM attendance and voting is open to current paid up members of CBRA. Each Membership is for one adult; if your household wishes to have more than one vote, additional adults may purchase their own memberships.

Doors open at 6:30.

To streamline check-in for everyone, please ensure your membership is paid up and information is up to date BEFORE the meeting by logging in to our membership management system using your email address and selecting ‘Send Link’.

If you are unable to renew or sign up online, some help will be available in person starting 30 minutes before the meeting.

Covid policies

We will be following the Provincial Health Orders which are current at the time of the meeting. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

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