Dead Boats

Derelict Boats on Cadboro Bay Beach

CBRA has been working for many years with Municipal, Provincial,  Federal Government Representatives and our companion organization the Dead Boat Disposal Society to remove the derelict vessels from both the beach and the bottom of the Bay and implement sustainable solutions.

This is the second time in less than 3 years that this massive undertaking has been accomplished.

CBRA is also working with the Municipalities of Oak Bay, Saanich and the CRD to put a stop to this cycle of abandoned or neglected vessels ending up in Cadboro Bay. 

We believe that an owner financed vessel Remediation Fund is  part of the solution when combined with the regulated management of mooring buoys and anchorages in Cadboro Bay. A “Dead Boat Watch” program was also launched in April 2021 to promote prompt reporting of vessels of concern.

John Roe, founder of the Dead Boats Disposal Society with Eric Dahli, Chair of CBRA, Dec 7, 2020

News reporting on this significant undertaking: