About Us

Since 1959, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association (CBRA) has been informing, engaging, connecting, and advocating on behalf of the residents and business owners of Cadboro Bay. It is a grassroots community group established for the purpose of maintaining a strong, vibrant, active and positive community. CBRA exists to protect and enhance the quality of life for the residents and business owners within Cadboro Bay. 100% volunteer run, CBRA remains non-partisan and is committed to increase community involvement in issues that directly impact residents of Cadboro Bay.

We interact with the District of Saanich and other appropriate government or jurisdictional authorities with respect to current and future requirements of the community, on behalf of residents and business owners.

Topics include:

  • Built Environment: Local Area Plan, Rezoning, Monitoring Development, Utilities.
  • Healthy Living: Parks, Trails, Green Spaces, Community Events, Emergency Preparedness.
  • Environment: Waterfront protection, Trees, Wildlife, Ecological Conservation and Restoration.
  • Transportation: Public Transit, Traffic Safety, Sidewalks Pedestrian Safety, Vehicle and Bike Parking.

Vision, Mission, and Governance

Please visit our Vision, Mission, and Governance page to learn more about our principles.

Board Meetings

CBRA Board meetings are held monthly, usually on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. CBRA members are welcome to attend. Visit our “Be Involved” page for information on our meetings, and how you can participate.

Board Meeting Minutes are available online.