The Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association invites all residents, property owners, and businesses in Cadboro Bay, Ten Mile Point, and Queenswood to become members of this Association. Memberships are per-adult.

CBRA is a not-for-profit society and a 100% volunteer organization. Membership money is used to get more leverage out of the thousands of volunteer hours put in by you and your neighbours. None of us get paid; none of us have expense accounts. Heck, we even have to bring our own coffee to meetings!

Base member: $12/year. The base Membership is all you need to participate and vote. This fee covers the operational costs of your membership.

Regular Member: $30/year (most common). This Membership includes the Base fee to cover operational costs; the additional money is used to help fund our community projects. The extra money simply helps us get more done with our limited volunteer hours.

Regular+ Member: $75/year. If you wish to contribute a little more to our community projects, this one is for you. Extra good karma included.

All Membership types are for one year and can be renewed automatically or cancelled at any time.

As a CBRA member you can:

  • Have a say in how the neighborhood is run and comment on proposed developments;
  • Receive the CBRA Newsletter email;
  • Take part in discussion forums and other activities aimed at serving the Cadboro Bay community;
  • Volunteer on Committees and contribute to your community (also a great way to get Community Service Hours);
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting and elect our Board of Directors (one vote per individual membership).

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Membership FAQ:

How can I check on the status of my membership?

Instructions for viewing and updating your membership can be found on our membership management page.

Is my membership tax deductible?

No this is not tax deductible. We are not a charity and do not do charitable work; your membership fee simply helps cover the expenses of interacting with our community.

What does membership money get used for?

The bulk of the regular operating budget is spent on web hosting, mailouts (email and paper mail), surveys, and meeting space. A complete budget is available at each AGM.

Additional funds above regular operations are used for projects that help fulfill the vision for CBRA. Examples include hosting community awareness events, emergency preparedness, and others.

Do members need to live within the Cadboro Bay Neighbourhood boundaries?

Yes. The District of Saanich defines our boundaries and our Association requires that members live in, own property in, or operate a business within those boundaries. If you live outside our neighbourhood boundaries, we still encourage you to sign up for our free email newsletter.

Are memberships ‘per household’ or ‘per adult’?

Per Adult. In the past our memberships have been treated as one membership per household and one vote per membership, but starting October 2021 our bylaws now state that members must be adult persons. If your household wishes to have more than one vote, the additional adults may now purchase their own memberships.