Letters To the Board, Post

Re: dogs on beach

I am writing to express my desire for dogs to be allowed to remain using Cadboro Bay Beach as a walking area. 

I am a resident of Oak Bay and walk my dog along Willows Beach every day of the year until we are kicked off for 5 months of the year. As a result of that closure I am forced to drive my vehicle to Cadboro Bay and walk along that beach. 

Perhaps the focus should be on following up with people who do not pick up after their pets and not penalize those who are diligent about doing so. Perhaps the 2 municipalities need to talk to one another and figure out a way of making it work for both beaches to allow for people to walk their dogs during limited hours during the summer months, so that all people can enjoy the beaches, however they choose to use them….whether sun bathing, relaxing or walking their pet. 

We all have different ways of enjoying ourselves and therefore need to find  a way for everyone to enjoy the amenities at our doorsteps.
We do not live in a perfect world and therefore we are never going to eliminate all unforeseen circumstances, but how lucky we are to have such beauty to enjoy. Instead of this being a contentious issue perhaps we should work to figure out a way to make it work for all people. I find it quite frustrating to walk my dog along the sidewalk of Willows Beach during the summer mornings only to pass other dog owners doing the same thing, while the beach is completely vacant. It seems such a waste.

 There are also people who complain about having dogs on the sidewalk. I have sent letters to Oak Bay to ask them to consider allowing dogs to be on the beach in the early morning hours during the summer until 8:30 am…..to no avail. Perhaps part of the issue at Cadboro Bay is because many locals from Oak Bay migrate towards Caddy Bay after the 5 month closure.

Just a few thoughts….again we have so much to be grateful for and really so little to be upset about.

Mike McCleish

Oak Bay

Letters To the Board, Post

Concerning Dogs at Gyro Park

Further to the several letters about dogs at Gyro Park.  I live on Penrhyn and make near daily use of the park and the beach at Cadboro Bay. I have noticed a large increase in the number of unleashed dogs on the Victoria Yacht club side of the beach.  I have a fear of dogs and the fact that dogs are running loose means I cannot use the beach for my walks. Leashes are a must.  There is a dog part of the beach already where I cannot go, but I have a right to at least part of the beach.

Thanks so much

Budd Hall, 2580 Penrhyn Street

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Dogs on Cadboro Bay Beach

Your report was brought to my attention recently and it raises numerous concerns, including a picture of a loose pet on its front cover. It appears to have been written by a dog lobby/special interest group. I am quoted out of context and crucial information on Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and their regulations (below) is missing. The enforcement of these regulations on Cadboro Beach, where birds are now few,  is the option that should be implemented and enforced.

This report appears inconsistent with the goals of your association. The CBRA’s website indicates that you are interested in waterfront protection, wildlife, ecological conservation and restoration. As seen here and elsewhere, large numbers of loose pets in a precious natural area lead to its degradation not its conservation. Loose pets are incompatible with ecologically vibrant shores, birdlife and biodiversity, not to mention that they are in contravention of Migratory Bird Sanctuary regulations.

Cadboro Beach is a public beach within Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Questions related to federal jurisdiction in this area should be clearly explained in your report. Cadboro Bay and Cadboro Beach (all tidal areas below the high-water mark) are valued components of a Migratory Bird Sanctuary where MBS regulations have been wantonly ignored for decades for various reasons. The time has come to turn this around and take this seriously in light of severe declines in regional, Canadian and global bird populations. In fact, it is long overdue.

We encourage the CBRA to tackle all matters (e.g. loose pets, derelict boats, invasive Canada Geese, boats anchored over eelgrass beds, private shoreline infrastructure) that degrade Cadboro Bay. We  hope that your association will help us, Saanich and Environment Canada promote and enforce Migratory Bird Sanctuary regulations and restore our unusual, urban bird sanctuary. It features priceless nature and biodiversity in the city and precious rare species and species at risk.

I hope to meet your board later and explain what historic Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary is all about as we prepare to celebrate its centenary on Oct. 27, 2023.


Jacques Sirois

Victoria, BC V8S

Migratory Bird Sanctuary regulations:

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Canine Survey Response


My wife and I have resided in Cadboro Bay since May, 1991.  In that time one of the most significant changes has been the increase in the residential canine population.  This is a trend that has been seen in many communities, not just ours.  The impact of this change has been both positive and negative.  A significant negative impact has occurred on our beaches.  My wife and I stopped going to the beach many years ago as the canine population increased, with it some bad canine behaviour unchecked by their human owners.    One evening we were surrounded by 2 Rottweiler dogs.  That was it for us.  We have not gone to the beach for many years.  Even though we have not gone to the beach we are still impacted by the current situation as on any given day the noise of barking dogs can be heard, sometimes for many, many hours of the day.

There are many reasons for restricting canines from our beaches in Cadboro Bay.  One reason is that our shoreline is within the Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary which was established in 1923 and expanded to include the 6 harbours in the region in 1924.  It seems to me that all levels of government have relinquished their responsibilities, real or perceived, to our pets and citizens who place little importance in our migratory birds. Then there are those who are simply not aware of the Sanctuary and of its importance.  I believe that the majority of our residents fall into the latter category.  I believe that the Sanctuary encompasses the entirety of Cadboro Bay up to the highest high tide line, and perhaps the foreshore.  The Canadian Wildlife Agency has responsibility to manage the Sanctuary.  

I have heard many stories from neighbours about unruly canines at the beach, and sometimes about their unruly owners, which surely are the minority.  As I have not witnessed this first hand.  Any information I provide will be anecdotal.  Others have first hand experiences to share and I think that is best.  However, I did hear of one incident recently that made me very concerned.  Someone was assaulted by a canine owner.  Did this happen?  I don’t know for sure but it did, it should be a “line in the sand moment”.   It is clear that the issue of canines at our beach is one that needs to be clearly resolved for all of the residents, not only of Cadboro Bay as our beaches are accessed by residents from all over the GVRD.  

With regards to the options presented by the CBRA, Option 3, if you removed the May-September qualification, is the least objectionable.  I would only vote for an option that required leashes for dogs 365 days a year, regardless of the time of day.  Clearly the playground area should be off-limits to canines.  People with canines should be able to use the walkways but canines should be leashed at all times.  Migratory Birds use our bay all year round.  Breeding season begins in March, or sooner.  I’m not sure the May-September guideline took Migratory Birds into consideration.  I believe that the time period was more tied to increase/decrease in use by residents rather than consideration for wildlife.  Note:  I knew some of the residents that battled to get the current guideline for canines at Cadboro Bay beach changed to what it is today.  I sincerely believe they did so with good intentions.  I believe times have changed and in turn, the guidelines need to change.

In conclusion, Cadboro Bay and the beaches are in a Bird Sanctuary established in 1923/24 that is managed by the Canadian Wildlife Agency. Canine owners need a place to walk their pets.  Citizens with children need to feel safe at our beaches.  All citizens need to feel safe at our beaches. The current situation does not provide a safe environment for any of us, or our wildlife.  We have a responsibility to protect the environment for our current and future generations.  What is currently happening is an abdication of responsibility at every level of government.  Leadership at the local level of government is needed.  I often hear politicians speak of Environmental Stewardship.  Well, here is one issue that begs for stewardship, and leadership.  It doesn’t get any more obvious than this issue.


Barry and Dana McKee

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Dogs on Cadboro Beach


In response to recent letters about dogs on Cadboro Beach that take issue with restrictions. 

Please consider that there are valid, non-frivolous reasons for wanting tighter restrictions. For people who have a fear of dogs, or an allergy to them, restrictions allow them to enjoy the same privilege you take for granted — to walk, swim or play at the beach.


D.E. Clover
University of Victoria

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: 2345 Queenswood Dr.

 Dear Cadboro Bay Residents Association 

I am opposed to this Subdivision Application in its current form. It is not in keeping with the treed, semi-rural, and natural aspects of Queenswood which our neighbourhood values.

I support the recommendation which has been proposed by a group of residents who are close neighbours of 2345 Queenswood Drive:  

  1. RS12 Zoned lot/House ‘B’ on Annabern Crescent: House B should be designed and built as a bungalow in keeping with the two existing bungalows 
  2. 2) RS14 portion of lot on Queenswood: maintain the current RS14 zoning, NOT rezoning to two RS12 lots.
    I was very dismayed to read in the Saanich News that the approved development application for 2376 Arbutus Road will allow for the removal of 102 trees including 29 protected trees! 

This project should not have been given the green light to proceed.                     Best regards,

Yolande du Gardein-Matson

(Queenswood resident – address supplied)

Letters To the Board, Post

The Ballad of the Dogless Beach

Dear Mayor and Council of Saanich, and Other Officials:
Looming strict dog-control measures sure make Saanich parks and beaches less fun and welcoming – enough to drive some of us to doggerel.
F. A. Jardine

Ballad of the Dog-less Beach
If you go down to the beach today
You’re in for a disappointment.
If you like dogs and watching them play
You’ll notice they’re suddenly absent

You might see Frisbys, herons and crabs
And bodies stretched out on sand
You’ll see toned thighs and shoulders and abs
But poodles and bulldogs are banned

You’ll see Mother Goose, gosling and gander
But no gaggle of dogs in a row
Or jumping the logs or rolling in sand or
Giving the human walkers a show

Now we miss spaniel, alsatian and terrier
At the places they leapt and bounded
The stretches of sand were once much merrier
Now the dogs are chased and hounded

Folks bring towels and a picnic on a tray
And wade where the fish make schools,
But the cheerful pups have been taken away
On a tide of bureaucratic rules

– F. A. Jardine

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Queenswood development

I am writing to voice EXTREME opposition to the proposed ‘development’ at 2345 Queenswood Dr.

I live down the block, and have since 1988.  i have watched as old homes are torn down for new mansions, many removing old trees and as the years go on  the nature of the neighbourhood is changed. it is constant; never ending.

i am a dog walker, and frequently walk the little path that apparently marks the boundary of this proposed development.  i can’t imagine how this would work given the setback of the original house and to shove two more houses in there is a totally inappropriate inconsideration.

Sell and leave.  Develop and leave.  Really?  No one in the neighbourhood wants this

Thank you
Carolyn Showler

[address supplied; Queenswood resident]

P.S. How about a nice garbage can at the corner of Queenswood and Arbutus?  i have asked many times, no one replies……..how about fixing the potholes that all the construction trucks make and what about some calming initiatives.  The amount of raging cyclists on Queenswood is a disaster waiting to happen.  There should be a way to slow people down a bit!!  it is 50 times worse with the pandemic.

Letters To the Board, Post

Re: Proposed Development at 2345 Queenswood Drive

Dear Mr. Dahli, I am one of the many residents strongly opposed to this proposal, and we have recently been informed that it’s important to bring CBRA into the matter. Several of us have already written to Saanich Planning, but we need to know that the rest of Cadboro Bay and Queenswood are also informed.I am including my letter to Liz Gudavicius of Saanich Planning, for your information. Many thanks for the work you do for Cadboro Bay.


Faye Ford

Dear Ms. Gudavicius

Further to my phone call and previous email requesting a postponement until the Covid situation is resolved, I would like to register my opposition to this development on the basis of habitat destruction.

The part of the subject lot backing onto Annabern Crescent is at present a wildlife habitat containing native trees such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and shrubs such as Salal, Ocean Spray, lots of Snowberry and many others. Looking at the property today I counted 3 large Douglas Fir trees, as well as smaller young ones and one large native Cedar as well as its offspring just over 8’ tall.
The CRD website https://www.crd.bc.ca/education/our-environment/ecosystems/terrestrial/coastal-douglas-fir  is well worth looking at for information on the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem, the smallest ecosystem of the 14 in British Columbia, and among the most imperilled. 

It would appear that the whole of our Queenswood neighbourhood is part of this very special ecosystem, with brings with it a vast array of sub shrubs in addition to those mentioned, as well as the precious micorrhizal fungi.The property is alive with birds and insect species, and there are even some fallen logs, potential ‘nurse logs’ for further support of wildlife in its smallest forms.  The mature front yard of 2345 Queenswood includes one giant pine tree that surely couldn’t survive the heavy excavation machinery , even if it were not taken down.

A few years ago, (4? 5?) your Saanich arborists were removing a hazard tree from the public walkway between Queenswood Drive and Annabern Crescent, which separates the properties of two of my neighbours, and one of my neighbours rushed out and yelled at them, “That tree is my privacy! I insist that you replace it with a tree in my yard!”  They dutifully complied, but sadly this is one of the many trees that will be removed if he gets his wish to subdivide his property.

I believe that we must act for the greater good, and preserving natural habitat and beauty are part of who we are in Saanich. I have been very proud of Saanich Planning Department and  Council in the past, such as when they prevented Uvic from razing the 15 acre Queenswood forest across the road. An urban forest is a treasure to keep for future generations, and this one is a gem in the crown of Saanich. All of the properties along Queenswood are treed and have natural areas of habitat left untouched, not destroyed by excessive development. It would be very sad to see 2345 Queenswood start a precedent of urbanization and habitat destruction as the applicant leaves the rest of us in his wake.
Respectfully submitted,

Faye Ford

[address and tel. no. supplied]