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How to Submit Letters

Email your letters to comms@cadboro.ca, and include your name and address (address will not be posted publicly).

Your letter will be distributed to CBRA Directors and posted on our website. If you do not wish to have your letter posted publicly, you can indicate this. All letters are distributed to the CBRA Board and read with interest.

Letters must also adhere to our policy. You do not need to be a member to write in, though we encourage non-members to learn more from our membership page.

We welcome your input, and thank you for engaging in your community! Find out other ways to get involved here.

1 thought on “How to Submit Letters”

  1. I also am appalled at the new non-dog rules, which I will break by the way. Cadboro Bay beach is a loooong beach. Why can’t people who do not like dogs use the other parts of the beach. I would rather a rule was made to keep people off our dog beach if they do not like dogs. Let’s try an experimental cage for them in the different parks this summer. Why is this even an issue?! Signage is simple.

    “Dogs will be on this beach unleashed all year. If you not want to be interfered with by happy dogs then go on the other side of the outflow. Any persons not obliging this will be sited with fees.”

    Please post this letter as broadly as you can.

    Sincerely, Irene Havens
    A 30 year resident

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