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February CBRA Board meeting: minutes

CADBORO BAY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Board Meeting, February 26, 2020 Minutes Present: Barry Andruschak, Bill Dancer, Robert des Trois Maisons, Jerry Donaldson, Jackie Horton, Dave Lynn, Liz Miller, Eric Ochs, Lyn Wray.

Also Present: Barry Curran, Dawn Thiessen, Van Williams.

The President and Vice President being absent, by consent of the meeting Dave Lynn chaired the meeting. Robert des Trois Maisons acted as secretary. 
A quorum being present, the Chair called the meeting to order at 7pm. 

  • The Agenda was approved. 
  • The Board voted to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Maycira Costa by appointing Liz Miller to the Board to serve until the next Annual General Meeting. 
  • The President, Vice President and Treasurer were absent. 
  • The Secretary had nothing to report. 
  • Robert des Trois Maisons reported that meetings to advance the new Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan were expected to restart in the spring. 
  • Bill Dancer reported that work was proceeding on the Core Area Wastewater treatment infrastructure, and that he expected to be notified as the project is nearing completion. Bill Dancer reported on the Emergency Preparedness exercise scheduled for March 20. 
  • Dave Lynn reported that he had not been selected for membership of the Saanich Parks advisory board. 
  • Barry Andruschak reported that he, Eric Dahli and Jonathan Eades had met to prepare for a meeting with UVic. 
  • Jerry Donaldson reported that six Dead Boats were still present in Cadboro Bay, and that he was in communication with Ian Miller and John Roe, who are working with the vessels of concern. 
  • Barry Andruschak reported that all was in order in terms of planning for the Annual General Meeting Jackie Horton reported having spoken with Mark Green of the Cadboro Bay United Church about the future use of the church lands for seniors’ residence. Mr Green requested a letter from the CBRA Board expressing its support for the concept. Jackie undertook to draft such a letter and to circulate it among Board members. The Board expressed interest in adding this to the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. Jackie undertook to draft an item on the subject for the CBRA Newsletter. 
  • Jerry Donaldson reviewed the situation respecting Dogs on Cadboro Bay Beach. RESOLVED that CBRA in the interest of harmony ask Saanich to defer a decision in relation to off-leash dogs on Cadboro Bay Beach to allow a neighborhood solution to be developed. 
  • Jerry Donaldson reported having set up the letterhead for the CBRA Newsletter. Lyn Wray asked the Board to contribute items to the newsletter on matters they are involved in. 
  • Bill Dancer briefed the Board on Saanich Council’s consideration of the Panama Flats Concept Plan. 
  • Jackie Horton volunteered to stand in for Eric Dahli at the March 4 meeting of the Saanich Community Association Network. 

There being no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting. 
– Robert des Trois Maisons

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