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Derelict Boat Report: update

Jerry Donaldson, member of the CBRA and Dead Boats Society boards, reports:

  • Boat 1: 18 foot power boat Ms L., on the beach Saanich side. 
  • Boat 2:  Spellbound, 25 ft sloop, on the beach, Oak Bay side.   
  • Boat 3: Free Spirit, 24 ft sloop, below the high tide mark on the Oak Bay side 
  • Boat 4: Sea Lion, 27 ft sloop, the Oak Bay side. 
  • Boat 5: Name unknown, 28 ft sloop, sunk on the Saanich side 150 feet offshore, on the Saanich side.   
  • Boat 6: A sunken sailboat, maybe 18 ft, a few hundred yards offshore on the Saanich side  
  • Boat 7: Unnamed Haida, 26 ft, derelict, floating on the Saanich side 
  • Boat 8: Unnamed sloop, approximately 28 ft, on the rocks on the east side of the bay, in Saanich in front of 2855 Sea View Road. 

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