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Letter: Upcoming Saanich Council Meeting

Letter submitted by Cadboro Bay Resident to Saanich Council:

August 22, 2022

Dear Saanich Mayor and Council:

In advance of tonight’s meeting regarding future development of Cadboro Bay and the village, I would like to add, along with many residents, that this is not the place for 3, 4, 5, or 6 story development. 

I have resided in Cadboro Bay twice now, for a total of thirty years. I currently live and work here. For an example of what not to do you only need to look to Central Saanich’s Brentwood Bay village. What was once a quaint meandering village anchored by a park, with older homes on West Saanich Road between Wallace and Verdier rezoned to house local businesses, has grown into an unsightly mishmash of taller buildings with retail or the service sector below and residential above. There is not one inch of that area that is conducive to foot traffic, meandering window shopping, or seen as a destination.

Foot traffic, window shopping, and a community meeting place is what Cadboro Bay should be focused on, emulating Oak Bay Ave. and Cook Street Village vibes, boasting a vibrant core that is an asset to the community and a draw for visitors.

I’m all for increased density through secondary suites and carriage houses, but the concept of below-market rental housing is totally unrealistic in today’s real estate market given the local property values and taxes.

Let’s have a workable plan endorsed by the local residents, rather than the willy-nilly scattergun approach prevalent in other communities where the governing bodies do whatever they see fit, regardless of public sentiment.


Cadboro Bay Resident

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