Cordova Bay and Cadboro Bay LAPs to be completed, after all

Eric Dahli, Chair of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association, reports: 

At a meeting last night (Monday), by a vote of 6 to 3, Saanich councillors voted for the Local Area Plans of Cordova Bay and Cadboro Bay be completed in the coming year. 

In addition to Council, 19 members of the public spoke on this agenda item.

The council had recently decided to “pause” completion of all Local Area Plans for between 20 to 24 months, to free up resources to be applied to Saanich broader housing needs. The decision to rescind this decision in relation to Cordova Bay and Cadboro Bay is in response to pressure and protests from those two associations and their residents. 


Saanich Local Area Plans: update

In response to concerns about Saanich’s contemplation of suspending the LAP updates, Cameron Scott, Manager of Community Planning at Saanich District’s Planning Department writes: 

Dear Cadboro Bay LAP Advisory Committee members,

Given you are actively working on a Local Area Plan update, we wanted to keep you apprised of a relevant discussion at a recent Council meeting.

As you may be aware, Council at their meeting on Monday night discussed future community planning work, including whether to pause the Local Area Plan updates after the completion of the Cadboro Bay and Cordova Bay Local Area Plan updates.  The discussion was not concluded and has been referred to the December 16th Committee of the Whole meeting.  

Should you want further information on the reports presented on Monday, they are available at the following link:  

Staff are continuing to work on the Cordova Bay and Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan updates, with Draft Plans to be presented for public feedback early next year.

Should you have any further questions, please contact me.

Best Regards,



Saanich mulls suspension of Local Area Plan updates

From Eric Dahli, Chair Cadboro Bay Residents Association warns: 

The future of our local area plans are in doubt.

The so called “Check-in on Local Area Plan updates” (agenda item K-4) was
debated on Monday night, with the addition of the following paragraph from Agenda item # I, 2:

That it be recommended to Council that at the time the report
comes to Council regarding the first set of Local Area Plans , include an
approach for a possible pause in ongoing updates to Local Area Plans to
enable resources to be applied to Saanich Wide housing needs and the pros
and cons of doing so.

This paragraph – and the entire LAP check-in Report – will be on the agenda of a yet-to-be-determined December Council meeting.

This possible change in the updating of Local Area Plans is very disturbing,
and even if Council agrees to complete the two Local Area plans that are
currently being updated (for Cadboro Bay and Cordova Bay), that  will leave nine other Local Area Plans plans on hold.

This item will be on our agenda for our regular meeting on November 27th, and
I request it be added to the agenda of the next SCAN (Saanich Community Associations Network) meeting on December 4th.

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association


Publish results of community engagements re Local Area Plan

Hi There

As a resident of Cadboro Bay, I think it would be good idea for the Cadboro bay residence association to post ( on the website ) the results of community engagements regarding the updated plan that is currently in the works . This way residence and business owners can get an advance look at what’s being contemplated for the community at large .

I would think this information would be of high value to members of the site.
Perhaps including a photo or Jpeg of the proposed land use changes  as seen below would also help simplify this exercise. See the Public engagement summary report.

I look forward to hearing your response .
Best Regards

Darren Leith


Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan: Update

From Silvia Exposito, of Saanich Planning: 

Thank you to all who participated at the November workshop on housing and land use! The Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan (LAP) will guide growth and future development in the local area and the Cadboro Bay Village for the next 20to 30 years.

This was a well-attended event where more than 155 participants took part in the two-day event’s community walk, open house and hands-on workshop activities.  Presentation slides from the workshop are now available on the project website at

Join us in 2019 as we continue the conversation and plan for the future with two new workshops:

  • January 26, 2019     Workshop 2:  Natural Areas and Community Amenities
  • February 26, 2019    Workshop 3:  Transportation

More information coming soon.

Seasons greetings and best wishes as we start the new year!


Housing & Land Use Community Workshop, Nov 27-28

A reminder that the District of Saanich is holding a Community Workshop: Housing and Land Use, on November 27 (6 pm onwards) and 28 

It is important that our voices be heard especially with issues in and around the village.    Please make sure you come out, bring a neighbour, bring a friend. We need to hear lots of voices. 

For more information, see:


Residents invited to walk & workshop on LAP, Nov 27-28


The District of Saanich invites local residents to a Community Walk of the “Village Edges” (Ten Mile Point/Queenswood)—followed by an Open House and workshop. 

This is part of a planned programme of community consultation over the coming months for the revised Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan (LAP), which will guide growth and future development in the local area and the Cadboro Bay Village for the next 20 to 30 years. 

Tuesday, November 27:

  • 1:30 to 3:30 pmCommunity Walk—Exploring Village Edges
    • Meet at Olive Olio’s
    • Dress warmly!
  • 4:30 to 7:30 pmCommunity Open House & Workshop
    • Goward House. 2495 Arbutus Road
    • 5:30 pm: Workshop Registration*
    • 6:00 pm: Presentation of Village Charette Results*

Wednesday, November 28

  • 6 to 7:45 pmPresentation & Group Discussion
    • at Goward House

For more information:

*Revised times: was originally posted as half an hour later. 


Saanich invites input on its Local Area Plan for Cadboro Bay

From the District of Saanich Cadboro Bay LAP page

The local area plan update is underway!

Your input is essential! Please sign up for notifications to receive updates about upcoming events.

Great neighbourhoods are great because of community involvement, careful planning, and thoughtful urban design.  The Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan (LAP) will guide growth and future development in the local area and the Cadboro Bay Village for the next 20 to 30 years.

Please stay posted for upcoming community workshops this fall.

Focus on Village Design Charrette: thank you for participating!

The Cadboro Bay Village Design Charette took place on June 19 & 20, 2018.   A description of the Village Design Charrette program is available in the Design Brief.  Overall, 184 community members participated in event activities, sharing ideas, and developing concepts for the future of Cadboro Bay Village.
View our presentation summary of the ideas gathered during this two-day event. Please note that the Village Design Charrette is one of the components of the Local Area Plan Update.


CBRA questions Saanich’s summary of LAP charrette

For the benefit of local residents, the following is the text of a letter sent by the CBRA board of directors to the District of Saanich after reviewing Saanich’s summary of its recent charrette on revisions to the Local Area Plan:

CBRA Board members have met and reviewed Saanich’s PowerPoint summary of the June LAP village charrette.  Five of our members were in attendance as participants at four different group tables. Additionally, many more CBRA members and local residents have been engaged throughout the LAP review.  

Much in your summary of this process and the event in particular is commendable including improved road safety and sidewalks, emphasis on pedestrian-friendly green spaces and community meeting spaces and the envisioned lower Penrhyn design.  However, we are concerned that the summary also suggests several significant outcomes that were not supported by the charrette participants.  These include:

  • Housing Guidelines which noted heights up to six storeys (p.31). Based on the reports of the ten charrette groups opinion was nearly unanimous that three storeys should be a maximum in the Village Core with lower Penrhyn beyond the Element and Promenade condos restricted to 1.5 – 2 storeys to provide a visual transition to natural parkland.  “Stepped massing” of higher structures within the Village Core on either side of Cadboro Bay Road was not a consensus reached by charrette participants, but introduced by the municipality and its consultants.  At no time was the possibility of six-storey structures brought into the discussion.    
  • The statement that zoning for Village Core development should be re-evaluated “to ensure conformance with OCP development permit guidelines.”  As the CBRA Board, we need to have this statement specifically defined in detail to better inform our membership of its implications.  This topic was not introduced during the charrette by the municipality or the public participants.  Rather than conformity, what was stressed repeatedly was the uniqueness of the Village site and the need for decision-making on its future to emphasise the seaside village scale preserving panoramic vistas (as distinct from view corridors/street end views) and increasing green space.  Visions such as this exemplify an LAP’s function, to reflect the needs and aspirations of residents and constituents and as such are meant to have primacy within the overarching generalities of the OCP.      
  • Further to this topic, we believe that the design Guides for Village Core Development are too vague.  In the end, it is the text rather than sketched drawings and photos that will govern future directions.  The guidelines need to articulate conclusions derived from the consultant’s visualizations without which their presentation is open to wide ranging interpretations rather than consensus building perspectives.  
  • Allow for longer term infill as introduced at the outset of the charrette PowerPoint summary.  Aside from such peripheral references as “accommodating new housing over the next 20 years” and sketches of “potential apartments,” this highly contentious issue of increased infill/densification lacks necessary clarification.  
  • Gyro Park Enhancement: It has been and continues to be the consensus of Cadboro Bay residents that infrastructure in Gyro Park be minimized to preserve its present and potential future natural amenities.  Most of the charrette’s design guides do not reflect this perspective, instead focussing on “connectivity and built structures, for example,  creating a waterfront plaza with potential small-scale food amenities.”  The specific suggestion made at the charrette was for one food amenity at the end of the sailing club parking lot and not in conjunction with any waterfront plaza.  Thus also CBRA’s stance that any additional parking on the north-eastern side of the park be limited at most to school bus drop-off, not to facilitate increased permanent or events parking.  Adding an interpretive educational centre/outdoor classroom as noted in the design guidelines would need to be developed in conjunction with a marshland rehabilitation project, an idea which found enthusiastic support amongst charrette participants.

CBRA requests that Saanich’s Cadboro Bay Village Core summary be amended and revised to address the above concerns.  This is essential to sustain our momentum and faith as we proceed to the next stages of the LAP process.