Haro Woods Committee Report

The following report has been received from Deborah Dickson,  Chair CBRA Haro Woods Committee aka Friends of Haro Woods:

The committee is:

1. Meeting with the CRD representatives to follow up on questions asked in the November CRD meeting .

2. Meeting with Saanich staff to establish who will be involved/represent Saanich in the stewardship and restoration plans/process.

Action items: Harry and I met with a group of interested U Vic students. They are focused on raising awareness on campus and working on a template for students and faculty to follow in the future. The students play a major role in the stewardship and restoration plans for the future.

In a report to the board in November I noted the meeting regarding the bike Jumps in Haro Woods.

I met with a CRD representative, Jim MacAloon, and a resident from Gordon Head who was instrumental in organizing the meeting about the situation.

Results: CRD levelled the jumps in early December. The CRD is liable for any injuries until the transfer of land to Saanich is complete. In a conversation with Mr. MacAloon today, he told me he has visited the area since the jumps were dismantled and assured me that there has been no further attempts to rebuild or construct any new jumps.

The next Haro Woods committee will be held in January. Date to be determined.

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