Haro Woods Committee Report

The following report has been provided by Deborah M Dickson, Chair of the Haro Woods Committee:

Present Elizabeth Borek, Harry Drage, Bob Furber, Bill Dancer, Deborah Dickson

Absent Terry Morrison, David Langley


1. To determine our best course of action to take at the November 9th CRD meeting on the land swap.

2. To determine how we will be represented at the meeting.

Resolution: CBRA & the HW Committee will be represented by Elizabeth, Bill, Bob, David Langley Harry will be in attendance and if there is a need for any clarification he is on hand to address questions.

3. Decide on who will speak on behalf of the HW committee at the CRD meeting.

It was agreed that the committee should be well represented at this meeting given the magnitude of the project and mitigation concerns.

4. Review the answers in Jack Hull’s emails regarding the questions asked at the September 15th meeting at City Hall.The list of questions asked by various individuals in attendance at the meeting and then forwarded by Tim Wood to the CRD for a response.

The committee agreed to open the presentation by having the President of the CBRA “Thank” CRD Staff for acting on behalf of the community. Elizabeth will acknowledge their good work realizing how difficult it was come up with an “ innovative solution”.

The president will then ask 10 questions and make comments for the CRD’s consideration and response. It was agreed that these questions will be copied to the CRD staff prior to the upcoming meeting on November 9th.


1. If one or none of the tanks are required, how will the land currently reserved for the tanks be incorporated into Haro Woods as public parkland?

2. How will the buffer zone be maintained as green space to complement the parkland?

3. During the construction process, will any trees be removed. If so, what is the criteria for removal and how many trees will be removed?

4. What are the plans for mitigation if trees are removed?

4. Do you know the size of the buffer zone? Will any trees be removed? If so, how many? What is the criteria for removal.

5. We understand from Jack Hull that site disturbance will occur during the construction process, particularly the pipe renewal and extraction of old pipe, . What are the plans for mitigation if trees are removed away and site disturbance occurs?

6. How will you minimize site disturbance and what will be done to mitigate?

7. What are ‘existing’ and what are ‘new’ upgrades?

8. We see from the literature that in fact there will be a new pipe from the East Coast Interceptor running through all three properties owned by Saanich, UVic and CRD. How does this fit in with attenuation tanks?

9. Could you define the right of way to the area where the tanks are to be located?

10. How can the public be engaged y the CRD as the process unfolds, such as development permits and mitigation questions?

Thank you again on behalf of the community. We look forward to working with you and your Staff on all the Environmental and Technical data.

The presentation will conclude by noting, for the record, that we – CBRA, HW Committee & Community look forward to working with CRD Staff on all the Environmental & Technical data and aspects of this project.

The committee agreed to a follow up meeting to further clarify the environmental & technical aspects of the construction and installation of Attenuation tanks in Haro Woods. Meeting date tbd.

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