Community Meeting Urged on Bike Runs in Haro Woods

A growing number of residents are concerned at the digging of bike runs in Haro Woods, and would like to arrange a meeting to work on education/ ecosystem awareness – possibly involving the bikers themselves, as well and make it an informative/ educational get together, followed perhaps by a brainstorming session.

This could then be followed by a strategic meeting with land users/ interested parties, focusing on the longer term (it looks as though this is a more complex issue) to work on thinking about future rec opportunities in the area. Due to the damage caused to the woods and the understorey, it is urged that such a meeting be arranged very SOON to get them to stop digging immediately.

Anyone able to help organize such a meeting should contact the CBRA board, and we will forward it to all parties who have already expressed an interest. Thank you.  Constructive comments at the bottom of this item are also welcome.

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