Saanich announces overseers of rezoning of Haro Woods as Natural Park

Further to the agreement between Saanich Council and the CRD in September 2011, the Planning Department of the District of Saanich has announced that they have hired City Spaces (Deane Strongitharm and Brenda McBain) to oversee the necessary application to formalize the rezoning of the property to Natural Park, and a small part for the underground attenuation tank.

“The zone for the underground tank will be site specific so we can ‘shrink fit’ the zone to allow only this specific use. Deane and or Brenda will be contacting Friends of Haro Woods and/or the CBRA to arrange a time at one of your regular meetings, or a special meeting, to talk about the process and get any feedback that you may have in advance of the planned information Open Houses.

"For questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Jarret Matanowitsch, Manager of Current Planning who is handling the file.”

[Source: Sharon Hvozdanski, Director of Planning at the District of Saanich]

Editor’s Note: The original posting wrongly stated that Saanich Parks made the announcement. This is now corrected, with our apologies. 

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