Frank Hobbs Native Garden Cleanups in May, June

Andrea Frost, organizer of the Frank Hobbs Native Garden, writes: 


Despite the mixed forecast, a handful of dedicated volunteers came out to help in the garden on Sunday, 21st April. They managed to get the bulk of their work done before the heavens opened at around 2.30pm!

The children also really worked hard loading bark chips into the barrows – it was great to see team work in action!

Real progress is being made this year and all the mulching is helping to put much needed nutrients into the ground, keeping the weeds down and allowing the plants to get more established.


More of the central area around the pots has been cleared from grass and weeds. Bark chippings have been laid over cardboard to help keep the weeds at bay in the future. Grass and weeds were cleared from around the native plants and from the path edges.


A local resident, Deborah Dickson, brought a donation of moss and also a huge pot of Miners Lettuce.


A big THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come out and lend a hand!


Cleanup dates for May & June, 2013: 

Volunteers will be meeting in the school garden on 

  • Friday 10th May 
  • Friday 24th May and
  • Friday 21st June 

from 9.15 – 11.15am each morning. 

There is still lots of work to be done getting rid of the overgrown grassed areas and clearing space around the native plants.  We’d love to get your help!

We are hoping to lay the remaining bark chippings over cardboard to mulch overgrown areas in the garden – please, we’d love you to join us if you have some free time on one of the mornings. 

Don’t forget to bring your garden gloves – come and meet others, keep fit and help to know you are helping your local school, community….. and the environment!

Andrea Frost

Frank Hobbs Native Garden Organizer

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