St. George’s Anglican Church: no plans for cell tower

In response to rumours in the neighbourhood that St. George’s Anglican Church is considering installing a cellphone transmission tower on its roof,  the church’s Rev. Austin Spry has asked us to clarify: 

“St. George’s is not considering the installation of a cell phone tower, nor are we in negotiation with Telus. […] If the residents of Cadboro Bay have questions about a cell tower, we want to make sure they are directed to the right people!

Meanwhile, the CBRA Board can advise that it is, in fact, the Cadboro Bay United Church which has confirmed it is in preliminary negotiations with Telus for the installation of a cellular antenna. It is our understanding that the church will issue a formal notification to this effect once they have negotiated a binding legal agreement with Telus. Watch this space for more information when it becomes available.

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