SCAN: Update on Hartland & Costs of Decentralized Treatment Systems

From the results of previous community meetings and town halls it is clear that the communities in Prospect Lake, Willis Point and others across Saanich remain  concerned in regard to the CRD’s plans for processing sewage and a biosolids plant at Hartland.

Here are three items to help explain what is happening:

  1. Andrew Weaver, a leading climate scientist and a Green Party MLA has publicly called for a more considered approach and pasted below.

  2. It has just come to light that by error, the CRD has significantly overstated costs for a distributed system. The CRD has the price of a distributed system wrong by $1 Billion dollars!  This error is the best reason to date, to pause the project and explore the alternative in the time available (3 years almost) so we can avoid Hartland all together.

  3. CRD has bought out the private operator capturing and processing methane from the landfill.

They are doing this to offset the pumping costs of getting the sludge to Hartland

It is pretty clear the CRD is not expecting to find an alternative site.

It is not too late to ask senior levels of government for a delay and review so that these funds are spent is a more scientifically sound and fiscally responsible way.

Fred Haynes

SCAN / Past Chair PLDCA

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