Electro-magnetic radiation

  1. Industry Canada has absolutely no idea how many cell phone towers are in Canada.
  2. In British Columbia, Telus is covertly trying to build as many 14.9 metre towers as they can. 
  3. In my community of Cadboro Bay Telus has been blocked 3 times yet they keep pushing to build a tower.
  4. Huge cash incentives by Telus to the local United Church are being used to get these towers built.
  5. There is no municipal government involvement, no government approval, and no due diligence.
  6. People with health issues are being forced to move, maybe sell their houses, and it is impossible to get any government attention at any level.
  7. Health Canada data is extremely out of date.
  8. As I grew up: ‘lead’ was good, thalidomide worked, second-hand smoke was no issue…..need I go on.
  9. Please do not stop reporting on this issue.
  10. ‘Local governments’ will not help!

Yours truly,
Gary Henkelmann

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