Shelbourne Valley Action Plan: Open Houses & Survey


A draft plan for the Shelbourne Valley, used to guide land use and transportation decisions in the Valley for the next 30 years, is ready for public input. Join one of the following Open Houses: 

Developed from input from community engagement over the last four years, the Draft Plan sets out a 30-year vision and identifies actions that will transform the Shelbourne Valley into an exceptional place to live, work and play. Highlights include:

  • Unique Centres and Villages that are vibrant community hubs and provide a range of goods and services within walking distance of most households;
  • A new design for Shelbourne Street that includes separated cycling facilities, transit enhancements, and a safe, more enjoyable pedestrian environment;
  • A network of greenways and bikeways that provide improved walking and cycling opportunities for people of all ages and abilities
  • Accommodation of future housing and job growth in Centres and Villages;
  • New housing opportunities along Shelbourne Street to support transit enhancements, improve housing choice and enable improvements to the public realm;
  • A healthier environment through Bowker Creek restoration, environmentally significant areas protection and urban forest enhancement;
  • Additional quality of life features to support existing and future populations, including parks, open space, and community facilities;
  • A better-designed community that improves the relationship between buildings and pedestrian areas and highlights streets as a space for community enjoyment and activity

How to get involved

  • Attend an Open House
  • Visit the online Open House
  • Complete a Survey (Online Open House and Survey: Oct 29 to Nov 25

Your input is needed before the Plan is considered for adoption by Council.

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