Saanich: New Public GIS Map service launched in early November


Saanich advises us that it is about to upgrade its public GIS map service:

What are the highlights of the new GIS service?
Leveraging latest technologies, we will provide a fast, flexible and intuitive map service. The tools and data you depend on in the current GIS will still be available along with many new capabilities. An on-demand interface highlights the tools you need, when you need them. An accessible “I want to” menu lets you quickly complete common tasks like find an address, create a property information report, create and print a map, locate utility services, draw on the map and measure distances. Advanced functions such as the integrated Google Street View will synchronize with your location on the map. You can find specific features using various search tools. You can collaborate with others by importing external data into your map or exporting your table or map information to share with others.

Why are we changing the service?
Saanich’s GIS is heavily relied on by the District and the public and we have realized significant improvements in efficiency and service delivery through development of this new GIS map service. The current service is incompatible now with many browsers and it does not function well on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The software that our current service is built on was deprecated at the last SW release and is no longer supported. There is an increasing demand for specific purpose viewers (community engagement, emergency services) and the new environment will support this more easily. We expect continued growth in use of GIS both internally and even more so by the public and this new service is scalable and able to support that growth.

How can you learn to use the new service?
Upon launching the new map service you will find many resources available to find your way around the viewer. Within the map service Help Tab you can access many ‘How to’ Documents and Videos, Shortcuts, FAQs and an extensive Help library. Saanich staff are available to answer questions. For assistance please contact or call 250-475-1775.

The target date of launch is November 9. To see a preview of the new map service, click on this short video exploring the new map viewer at  Introduction to the new GIS Map Service

(Source: Nicola Parfett, GIS Coordinator, District of Saanich)

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