Saanich: New Tsunami Risk Assessments for CRD


Saanich has updated its assessments regarding possible tsunamis:

According to scientific research, the risk of a significant tsunami affecting Saanich is small when compared to the communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Nonetheless, it is important that residents understand the risks and be prepared to take precautions.

The Capital Regional Disctrict recently hired a consulatnt to conduct a tsunami risk assessment and to identify tsunami planning zones for CRD residents. Below is the link to the new tsunami brochure with a risk map for Saanich and a FAQ sheet. Please refer to these documents to educate yourself about the risk of a tsunami and to plan for your protection. Additional information can be found on this site under the heading Types of Emergencies.

For further information, see the 2013 Saanich Tsunami Brochure, and the 2013 Tsunami FAQ

(Source: Kevin Pirie, Cadboro Bay Emergency Preparedness Taskforce)

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