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Action Required: It’s time to notify the Auditor General

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As reported earlier, the CRD Commission (Seaterra) is voting Fri Nov 22 to spend $2.5 million on public engagement. CRD Staff are asking the CRD Commission to approve this huge contract to sell the public on the sewage treatment project in an attempt to soften up the electorate ahead of the 2014 municipal election.
The Commission is also being asked to extend Stantec’s contract for another $7.8m on top of the now $10m they have already been paid to date. Given the original estimate of 1% for the entire project ($8m)…

…and an overall request for an additional $29m in consulting fees, the CRD Commission needs to question why this budget has gone 400% over the original estimate that CRD Directors approved back in 2009 and whether it is good value for money.

But we can’t rely on the CRD Commission alone…

We have created a new email form you can send to notify the Auditor General about this sewage project boondoggle:

You can edit the letter or send it as is but please use it to automatically send both the BC Auditor General and newly created Auditor General for Local Government a note asking for their involvement before it’s too late. There are simply too many issues that the CRD has ignored and/or failed to execute properly not the least of which is the way they have conducted public engagement over the past several years which is a concern that those offices consider important.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Richard Atwell, Director
Sewage Treatment Action Group

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