Penrhyn St. Development

On Monday Nov. 25 we (several merchants) met with Mike Miller of Abstract Developments.
Basically, we are very concerned and unhappy with his proposal.
His five ideas to cure the problem are no cure at all.
In effect he wants to build a large building with little or no parking for the residences and commercial area:
  • one spot per suite, instead of 1.5,
  • one visitor spot instead of 4,
  • 3 commercial spaces instead of 20 or 30!
This is totally unacceptable. 
Please uphold the parking requirements as written in the current bylaws.
We are not against a buiding here or elsewhere but not at any cost.
The Village is very busy and cannot absorb 25-50% more vehicles. 
Please back up our concerns.
See you on December 3 at 7:30
– Cadboro Bay Business Association
& concerned neighbours.

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