Saanich Planning: OK revised Penrhyn development proposal

In a Supplemental Report dated January 9, Saanich Planning recommends approving a Development Permit and Rezoning application for Abstract Development’s proposal for 2580-2588 Penrhyn St. This is in response to the following revisions made by the developer following the Public Hearing last November:

  • A covenant to restrict the use of the two commercial spaces to general office use, reducing the required number of parking stalls to 7, with a request for a variance of 2—i.e, 5 stalls.
  • A reduction in the number of residential units, from 16 to 14, reducing the number of required parking stalls from 24 to 21. The developer is proposing 15 parking stalls + 1 visitor parking stall, resulting in a variance of 6 residential parking stalls. Overall parking variance would now be 8.
  • The creation of a $8600 Alternat[iv]e Mobility Fund comprising “vouchers” for each of the residential or commercial units to pay towards a Bus Pass, bicycle or car share membership. 
  • Offering commercial tenants first refusal on unused residential parking spaces
  • Reversion of commercial parking stalls to residential visitor parking after business hours. 
  • Increase of contribution by the developer to Saanich’s Affordable Housing Fund or a proposed Attainable Housing Fund from $6000 to $14,000. 

A Public Hearing on the revised application is due to be held on January 28, 2014. More details of this will be provided on receipt of the official notice from Saanich. 

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