Summary of Annual General Meeting, May 14

Summary of the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 14th:

  • Keynote Speaker: Saanich Councillor Vic Derman gave a speech on “Climate Change: The Imperative of Our Time”.
    In response to a request from the audience, Vic Derman said he would provide a list of points that summarize what individuals can do to reduce climate change.

Chairman’s Report:

Jonathan Stoppi noted that major topics in Cadboro Bay over the past year included:

  • Haro Woods land swap between the CRD and Saanich, and upcoming installation of attenuation tanks for storm water overflow

  • 2580-2588 Penrhyn St. redevelopment proposal – ultimately approved by Saanich council. Work to start soon. 

  • Gyro Park Upgrades :Public feedback conducted by Saanich identified support for:
    – Improved accessibility
    – Enhanced playground
    – Drainage improvements
    – Retention of the two tennis courts
    – Improvements began at the end of April and will continue through early September 
    – Construction fencing is being moved with the work; access to beach preserved. 
    – New playground will include swings and zipline. 
    – Cadborosaurus and boat will remain where they are; boat to get new decking and railings.  
    – Octopus and salmon to be moved.  
    – Slide and swings will be moved so they can be used throughout construction  
    – Driftwood used to border areas.  
    – More information is available on Saanich Parks webpage

  • Website improvements:  
    – Board Resolutions page 
    – Cadboro Bay News: Full issue; Letters to the Board; Shows latest headlines from CBRA News; Once or twice a week (if there is any new news); Automated publication; 470+ subscribers / households;

  • Proposed amendments to the Saanich Tree Preservation Bylaw going to council:

  • Emergency Preparedness Exercise – Saturday, May 31 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at Cadboro Bay United Church
    – Convergent Volunteers are needed
    – contact

  • Secondary suites north of McKenzie: Saanich conducted a survey on the possibility – results have not yet been released.

  • Looking ahead: CBRA is working with the Cadboro Bay Business Improvement Association (BIA) on a village planning session facilitated by Gene Miller.

  • Thanks to outgoing board members Terry Morrison, Barbara Raponi, Mona Sedky-Goode, Lyn Wray, Dave Lynn, Dave Godfrey, and Eric Ochs.

  • In response to a request for questions from the audience:
    Harriet Graham expressed concerns about the surfacing and width of the main pathways in the updated Gyro Park plan. She suggested that pavers rather than asphalt would be more attractive and be better for drainage. Jonathan promised to pass these concerns along to the Saanich Parks department (see Letters to Board).
    – Michael Tripp and Harriet Graham raised concerns that the Gyro Park plan doesn’t reflect the views of the CBRA Parks committee. It was noted that most of the recommendations made by the Parks committee were implemented, and that other stakeholders were also consulted, including the general public.
    Arne Peltz, a new resident of Cadboro Bay, expressed thanks for the work being by the community to improve the park.

  • Minutes from 2013 CBRA AGM: Eric Dahli moved to approve the minutes from last year’s AGM.   Eric Ochs seconded.  Passed.

  • Treasurer’s Report: Lyn Wray gave the treasurer’s report for the 2013/2014 fiscal year. She noted that:
    – CBRA didn’t apply for the invasive species grant this year, as the funds weren’t needed.
    – We did not receive a matching grant from Saanich for the merry-go-round at Sunfest, and for this reason did not sponsor the ride, as the total cost of $1000 was too high.  This did not seem to have a negative effect on Sunfest, and CBRA actually received more new memberships at Sunfest than usual.
    – We did a stripped-down version of the newsletter in the spring at a lower cost, but will likely do a full-scale version in November.
    – We received a $500 grant from Saanich for a village planning exercise. 
    – There were no questions regarding the report.
    – Terry Morrison moved to accept the report.  Barbara Raponi seconded.  Passed.

  • Election of New Board. The new board was elected by acclamation. The members are:
    – Eric Ochs
    – Dave Godfrey
    – Barbara Raponi
    – Eric Dahli
    – Lyn Wray
    – Jonathan Stoppi
    – Michael Tripp
    – Dave Lyn
    – Arne Peltz

Jonathan Stoppi moved to adjourn the meeting. Eugene Raponi seconded. Passed.

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