Post your question for the All-Candidates Meeting, Nov. 5

The Cadboro Bay All Candidates Meeting for the Saanich elections will be held on November 5th at the Cadboro Bay United Church, 2625 Arbutus Road from 7–9 pm (Meet & Greet at 6:30pm), organized by the CBRA and chaired by Eric Dahli.

Questions of any matter of interest to residents of Cadboro Bay are invited online at


  1. Questions will be posed anonymously
  2. Questions must be sent in by noon on November 5th, to allow time for them to be collated, arranged by subject and merged, if necessary.
  3. Questions related to Cadboro Bay will be given highest priority, followed by those about Saanich, then about the CRD
  4. With the large number of candidates, there may not be time for all questions to be asked, and similar questions may be merged.

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