CBRA Board Meeting Wednesday, Nov 12, 7pm


  1. Call to order 
  2. Leanne (BIA representative) to discuss charette and Christmas caroling in the village on December 7th 
  3. Nomination to fill board vacancy 
  4. Old Business:
    UVic Liaison Committee meeting report (Michael)  
    Pearce Crescent (Dave G.)
    There is considerable controversy at SCAN about Pearce Crescent.  It is a piece of property off Blenkinsop Road that was obtained by Saanich and rezoned inappropriately in SCAN’s view.  SCAN wants our support for their resolution regarding this action. Action Item: Dave G. will send the resolution out to board for voting. 
  5. Approval of October board meeting minutes  (all) 
  6. Chair’s Report (Eric D.) 
  7. Treasurer’s Report  (Lyn) 
  8. SCAN meeting report (Dave G.) 
  9. Debrief on All-Candidates Meeting (All)
    Discuss briefly and request written comments from current board to be saved for the board in place at the time of the next election
  10. UVic Campus Plan (Barbara) 
  11. December Board Meeting (All)
    Possibility of a potluck with drinks and appies.
  12. Other New Business

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