CBRA Board Meeting, Jan 14, 7pm: Agenda

  1. 7:00 pm: Call to order 
  2. 7:05 pm: Presentation from Seba Construction re: 2767 Arbutus Road variance application for deck Front Yard Setback Variance from 7.5 to 1.7 metres.
  3. ~ 7:35pm: Approval of December board meeting minutes
  4. ~ 7:40pm: Old Business – Review of action items from December meeting:
    – Dave G. will do a summary on Victoria’s process for consulting community associations before applications go to the Planning Department.
    – Michael will look at the Saanich standing committees – who was on them before November, and who was on after.
    – Dave G. will call a meeting of the charette committee. Michael noted that he prefers to meet on Monday or Wednesday. 
    – Dave G. will phone Gene to advise him of the revised date (TBD).
    – Jonathan will notify Elaine Leonard of Goward House to cancel the reservation for the space in January, and advise her in due course when the new date will be.
    – All board members to send their questions for the mayor to the secretary.
    – Jonathan will post an announcement in our newsletter that residents can submit questions for the mayor to the secretary.
  5. ~ 7:45pm: Chair’s Report (Eric D.)
  6. ~ 7:50pm: Treasurer’s Report  (Lyn)
  7. ~ 7:55pm: December and January SCAN meeting reports (Eric)
  8. ~ 8:00pm: Status of charrette planning
  9. ~ 8:20pm: Saanich grant applications for the upcoming year:
    We need to decide whether there is any project for which CBRA would want to request a Neighbourhood Matched Project Grant, a Small Sparks grant or a Sustainability grant.  For a description of these categories, see
  10. ~ 8:30pm: Review of SCAN Terms of Reference:
    Refer to the document titled SCAN Terms of Reference Recommendation 2015, distributed by Eric D. on Monday, January 5. 
  11. ~ 8:45pm: UVic Campus Plan: UVic is updating their campus plan this year, which includes the main campus and the Queenswood property, and has developed a campus and community engagement strategy. Do we want them to come and speak about the engagement process at our February board meeting?
  12. ~ 8:55pm: Other New Business
  13. ~ 9:00 pm: Meeting adjourned.

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