Problems following comments on news items

Hello CBRA News,

Recently after rejecting CBRA website efforts to engage me with Pay Pal I renewed my membership in the CBRA by cheque and snail mail. Today I tried to read some of the input on local issues and projects via links on the website only to meet with brick wall demands for user name and passwords….

For the record some of we older generation members are not into spreading ourselves all around the ether with user names, passwords, Face book, Twitter, Pay Pal and other aspects of the “social media.”  Despite resisting as best I can I already have more passwords than I can ever hope to enumerate let alone remember. If this is supposed to be a news sheet then why on earth should I need a password to gain access? The local newspaper publishes news and reader input without passwords….why do we need passwords? Why is it necessary to restrict access to information we would surely like all residents to see…members of CBRA or not!….. Please start getting the information out to all of us….Even those too old and set in our ways to be hooked into a totally unnecessary ( even if fashionable) internet treadmill.  

 Terry Milne          

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