Tree on Tudor Ave. removed for new water main

Dwayne Halldorson, Manager of Underground Services at the Engineering Department of the District of Saanich, has notified us that

a tree right next to the driveway at 3935 Tudor will need to be taken down to allow the new water main to be constructed.  

Originally we had hope to be able to sneak by the tree but we are just too close.  We can’t realign further into the pavement as there is an existing gas main, underground power cable, sanitary sewer forcemain, drain, and sanitary sewer already under the pavement in this section.  Realignment into the boulevard would increase the impact and number of trees lost.  The only remaining option is to remove the tree.

The tree was posted for removal today.  There will be a replacement tree planted after construction, but the location of the replacement tree has not been determined at this time.  Staff will be contacting the homeowner at 3935 Tudor on Monday to inform them directly.

Any questions can be directed to Doug Weihing at Saanich, tel. 250-475-5494, ext. 3469

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