Saanich CotW meets about 2767 Arbutus Rd., May 4


Saanich’s Committee of the Whole will meet on Monday, May 4, 2015, at 7pm, to discuss the Development Permit Application submitted to legalze a new sundeck constructed without Building Permit at 2767 Arbutus Rd.  (Lot 9, Section 44, Victoria Land District, Plan 34091). A front yard setback variance is also required.

If Approved:

  1. This Development Permit Amendment further regulates the development by varying the provisions of the Land Use Contract, Schedule “D”, Single Family Residential Use Specifications 3.© (i) to permit the attached deck to be setback 1.7 m from the south westerly property line (front) (6.1 m required).
  1. This Development Permit Amendment will supplement the provisions of the Land Use Contract to retain the deck as proposed and require the property to be constructed and developed in accordance with the plans attached to and forming part of the permit.
  1. A covenant would be required to prevent the enclosure of the deck area into living space. A copy of the report of the Director of Planning dated April 2, 2015 is available on the Saanich website at

A copy of the permit may be inspected and further information may be obtained from the Legislative Services Division, Saanich Municipal Hall, 770 Vernon Avenue, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., on April 23, 2015 to May 4, 2015 excluding weekends and statutory holidays.

For further details, see the Planning Department’s report to Mayor & Council.  

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