Ten Mile Weather Station launches website

I would like to bring to your attention the Ten Mile Point Weather Station and a new website that has been developed to make this weather data accessible to residents of our local area, as well as to boaters and recreational users around Ten Mile Point and Cadboro Bay:

The weather station is privately owned and maintained (by me), and has been continuously operational since 2006.  It is part of an international network of government and private stations used to monitor weather conditions, refine local forecasts, and improve climate change projections.  While I haven’t before tailored it to the public, some residents check it to see what real-time local conditions are (which can be very different from public reports, which usually rely on data from Victoria Airport). Sailors and kayakers (those who know about it) have accessed my info to monitor real-time weather in the micro-climate around TMP and Baynes Channel before transiting.

Its unique location at the tip of the Point overlooking Baynes Channel makes it the easternmost weather station on Vancouver Island, and one of the first to log the southeasterly storms that pass through during winter months. (64 knots is the record – an exciting night!)

This new website is the result of a sizeable effort to make the weather data accessible and understandable to a broader audience.  My intent is to make this site a resource for the community.

If you think this would be of interest to local residents, your help in making CBRA members aware would be highly appreciated.   You’ll also note I included a link to the Association; I hope that is OK.

I’d be happy to chat and am open to ideas that would improve its usefulness to the Community.

Best Regards,

Julian Elliott
[address & tel. supplied]

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