Dahli: Thanks for answering the call

Eric Dahli, Chair of Cadboro Bay Residents Association:

I would like to clarify, following the recent Eastside Community Dialogue meetings, that Haro Woods was one of the sites marked in red on the maps—i.e., in the  “publicly unacceptable list”—following public consultation.
“The Red Sites are gone as of tonight,” said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps at a meeting on June 10th at the Belfry Theatre.
Other (as yet) unidentified sites in Gordon Head/Cadboro Bay remain publicly acceptable.
Thanks to the hundreds of Cadboro Bay Residents who answered the call, responded to the survey and provided valuable feedback to our Haro Woods/Sewage Committee, chaired by board member Bill Dancer.
Public consultation will continue starting June 24th.  Stay tuned!

– Eric Dahli, Chair
Cadboro Bay Residents Association

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