Your input on Eastside sewage treatment options: final opp.

On Wednesday, June 24th, Eastside and Westside Select Committees held a Public Meeting at the Delta Inn Victoria, at which each group showed a number of options derived from all the public input to date.
The Eastside provided six options, and the Westside eight options—all of which were based on siting, costs and community considerations. The purpose of displaying the options was to gauge the opinion of the approximately 300 or so people who attended—a small minority of whom only were newbies—on which they would favour, which they would want to change. 

For the Eastside options, a new and much more comprehensive Ethelo Decisions survey is now available online for people to have their say. The results of this survey will be an important factor in the deliberations of the expert committee to be formed later this year to verify the technical and cost aspects.
All the relevant information on the Eastside options is set out by going to the Eastside Community Dialogues page run by the survey company Ethelo Decisions. 
The survey is something you can complete and return to at any time, should you change your mind about something, until the closing date of July 13. 

Please add your voice: this is the last chance for public input before the final decisions are made. 

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