Unneighbourly condo construction on Penrhyn St.

Good Morning,

I just had a few questions regarding start times for the obnoxious construction taking place on Penrhyn Street.
From what I understand there was an agreement made that they were to not commence work until 7:30am—but for the last couple of weeks start times have been getting earlier and earlier. This morning they started around 6:30am, and from what I have read in Saanich bylaws that is not allowed. Start times are 7:00am legally, or am I mistaken?
We have tried to maintain a respectful relationship with the workers, but that seems to only be one-sided. They blast their radio; start far too early; have come on our property without asking permission; we find building material in our yard constantly; their trucks take up the entire street; they yell; they used to sit out front of our house on their breaks before we put our boats there to prevent it—which made me feel uncomfortable to be in and around my property… I could go on but you get the picture. 

We have lost all privacy of our home, I have to wear PPE in my own house in order to sleep through the noise. Sometimes the noise is so bad we can’t even carry out a conversation in our own home or in our yard. I feel hugely invaded, and uncomfortable in my own home. 

They obviously do not respect our home, this neighbourhood or the agreement made with the people of this neighbourhood.
I appreciate you taking the time out to read over my email,I realize there is not a whole lot that can be done, but something should be done because this is just too much.

R.W. Plumpton

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