CBRA’s comments on proposed  Village sidewalks

The following comments were sent by the CBRA yesterday to Ivan Leung of the Transportation Division, Engineering Department of the District of Saanich, in response to
Saanich’s request for feedback on its recent concept design proposal for new Cadboro Bay village
sidewalks.  They reflect the outcome from the CBRA’s March 2015 Village planning charrette (attended by
30 residents), as well as discussion with several residents of upper and lower
Penrhyn Street who attended CBRA’s November 11, 2015 board meeting:

  1. Saanich’s efforts to improve the sidewalks in the Village are
    appreciated. They respond to residents’ general desire for better
    infrastructure as expressed at CBRA’s March 2015 Village planning
    charrette.  While a much needed sidewalk
    on the upper side of the Village isn’t yet in sight, we believe that the
    improvements across the road at the village bus stop will be welcomed as a
    first step, especially if the vegetation is preserved and/or replaced to the
    extent possible.
  2. CBRA supports Saanich’s decision to defer sidewalk expansion on
    lower Penrhyn St., recognizing the concerns of residents with the initial
    August concept proposal.  We all look
    forward to a future plan which addresses those concerns and which eliminates
    vehicle traffic into the park from the Penrhyn street entrance. We encourage
    Saanich to negotiate a suitable arrangement with the landlocked property owner
    and neighbours.
  3. CBRA is concerned that extension of the new sidewalk from Starbucks
    to 3861 Cadboro Bay Rd. will displace the visiting cars, delivery vans and
    gardening trucks, which routinely park there.
    (See sample photos).  These long-standing
    unofficial temporary parking spaces meet a need which will only increase with
    completion of the Element condo. CBRA requests that Saanich address this issue
    before proceeding with this section of the new sidewalk. For example:  
    1. Designate additional
      time-limited parking spots close to the village to replace what will be
      eliminated.  Consider if this could
      include an extension of the parking across from Starbucks on Cadboro Bay Rd
    2. Reduce parking demand by adding
      a new direct bus service up the Sinclair St. hill to Shelbourne
    3. Make the benefits of this
      section of the sidewalk worth the disruption by extending it all the way from
      Starbucks to the Gyro Park entrance diagonally across from Cherrilee Crescent.
  4. CBRA also asks Saanich to consider the attached petition signed by
    all residents of upper Penrhyn street.
    Several of their concerns, including Penrhyn St. traffic and the
    safety of pedestrians crossing to the Olive Olio’s side of the Village, were
    raised at the March charrette. Some
    additional suggestions made during the discussion on November 11 include:
    1. Add a no-parking zone on Sinclair St. to improve left-turn
    2. Restrict parking to one side of Penrhyn St..

These comments illustrate the need to
consider the interrelated impacts of traffic, land use and transportation for
all streets close to the Cadboro Bay Village core.  CBRA requests that Saanich staff undertake
this technical analysis to assist with ongoing planning.

CBRA will continue its discussions with
residents including soliciting opinions and ideas for development of Penrhyn
St. and other important aspects of the Village and park.  In the meantime, we look forward to hearing
from Saanich in regard to the issues raised above.

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