Village Sidewalk plan: Saanich responds to CBRA’s comments

From: Ivan Leung []  

Good Afternoon Mr. Dahli,

Thank you for relaying the CBRA’s feedback to us regarding the Cadboro Bay Road sidewalk upgrade project.  We are glad to hear that this project is supported on the whole.  We also agree that this is a welcome first step to creating a more accessible village centre for all road users.  In addition, we received the CBRA’s petition regarding Upper and Lower Penrhyn and it has been forwarded to the Engineering Department for further consideration.

Regarding the Cadboro Bay project, we appreciate your concerns on whether the new sidewalks affects the existing parking situation in the vicinity, and we have subsequently received the photos you have taken to further support your concerns.  As with many of our Capital Road projects, providing accessibility of all road users (pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles) is a balancing act.  Safety for all road users is paramount when it comes to road design and as a result, providing additional on street parking is lower on the priority list.  Cadboro Bay Road is identified in the District’s Bikeway Network as part of a Local Touring Route and it links with several cyclist commuter routes in the vicinity.  In addition, Cadboro Bay Road provides direct access to the neighbourhood hub (Cadboro Bay Village).

While on street parking is lower on the priority list, we are aware of the need to maintain existing parking within the vicinity of the Village area.  As such, the existing parking on the upper side of Cadboro Bay Road, east of Penrhyn Street will remain:  This is because there is adequate sight line for vehicles on Penrhyn Street to safely turn onto Cadboro Bay Road without being obstructed by vehicles in this parking area.

Upon review of the photos and the request to add parking on the lower side of Cadboro Bay Road, doing so would pose some safety issues including:
Sight line issues – parking in the area currently marked with yellow curb would provide inadequate sight lines for vehicles on Penrhyn Street to turn onto Cadboro Bay Road without being obstructed by these vehicles.  It could also pose sight line issues for the parking lot located by the adjacent property.
Encroachment into travel lane – The existing lane width is currently insufficient for on street parking.  Using the photo you provided as an example, the existing lane width in front of the residential properties is approximately 4.8-5m wide, which is too narrow to accommodate both travel lane and on street parking.  In addition, works to widen the road to accommodate this would encroach onto private property.
While this may not be the response you are looking for, we do appreciate the other alternative suggestions you have provided to reduce parking demand or add on street parking in a future project.  As such, we will forward your request for transit service up Sinclair Rd to BC Transit for their consideration.  In addition, we will take a look at how we could better formalize on street parking safely in our future projects within the vicinity of the Village Area.

Once again, we thank you for your community’s comments on this project, as they are greatly appreciated.


Ivan Leung, P.Eng

Transportation Division
Engineering Department
District of Saanich
770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria BC  V8X 2W7

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