Local Victorian Available for Public Speaking after Greek Refugee Camp Volunteering

My name is John Skene and I am writing to you to express interest in coordinating a public speaking event where I would speak to your community about my experiences as a front line volunteer in the Syrian refugee crisis. I have recently returned from Lesvos, Greece and, in March, I will be returning to Europe for a 3 month trip to volunteer with refugees in Germany and Greece.
As a student, I have put up a lot of the money for my previous trip and this one using my earmarked tuition money. I was able to raise $3000 to help recoup some of my costs of my last trip, with a sizeable amount being donated directly to help refugees on the ground. This trip, I am hoping to do some public speaking in order to raise awareness and funds for my next humanitarian mission.

My presentation is on a PowerPoint, a copy of which I can send to you, and covers:

  • The Syrian Revolution and why people are fleeing
  • Life for refugees in Turkey awaiting arrival to Greece
  • Life on Greek island for refugees
  • Detailed run-throughs of refugee camps and what the world is doing right and wrong
  • Many personal stories from my conversations with refugees

I would do the talk on my own time, my only request is to have a small basket displayed in case people would like to donate to my mission.  I am available to speak in Victoria until March 1 and hope to be able to come speak to your community members about this crisis. I’ve included a file with some more details of my previous trip and the crisis itself.
Thank-you so much for your time and have a great day.


John Skene

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