EDPA Town Hall #2, Feb 11, 6pm

Thursday, Feb 11th, 6:00–11:00 pm at Pearkes Arena – 3100 Tillicum Rd.

Notice from the Saanich Citizens for a Responsible EDPA Society:

Your property is one of 2200 properties captured under Saanich’s draconian EDPA Bylaw.  Numerous restrictions have been placed on your individual property. This bylaw has taken away many of your property rights and devalued your property.  If this concerns you, it is critical that you attend this 2nd Town Hall.

Once again, Saanich Citizens for a Responsible EDPA Society will be at the Town Hall. We demand that the EDPA Bylaw be removed from individual properties and apply to new subdivision development ONLY.  We propose that Saanich develop a Voluntary Landowner Stewardship Program for ALL residents of Saanich that is based on the best science working with landowners in a cooperative manner to maintain and enhance biodiversity in all of Saanich.  We want to encourage the general populace of Saanich to understand and improve our environment by means of education, outreach, incentives and other voluntary stewardship mechanisms.   We believe that such a program will be more effective long term and will respect our property rights.  

This town hall will be the last opportunity for city council to hear from all of us. In the last month, lobby groups and individuals, some of whom are not even home owners, have been organizing and meeting with Saanich staff and communicating to council their opposition to changing the EDPA and promoting expanding the current EDPA. They will be attending the town hall in larger numbers to prevent changes to the EDPA. Regardless of whether you attended the first town hall, we cannot stress enough how important it is that all of us attend this final meeting to show we are a united, strong and large group. Please ensure you, your family, friends and neighbors who support our cause attend with you.  We strongly encourage you to speak on your views about the EDPA as council cannot ignore your comments. If you cannot make 6p.m., please attend when you can as the meeting length has been extended to accommodate this.

• Attend the Town Hall.  Let Council know you do not accept the current EDPA Bylaw and you support a Volunteer Stewardship Program.
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