Water-main upgrade recommences at Ten Mile Point

Doug Weihing of District of SeanIch Underground Services Division advises:

Please be advised that Saanich Public Work Crews are preparing to recommence work out at Ten Mile Point. The entire length of the water-main on Phyllis Street will be upgraded including Wolsey Place. We are anticipating that this work will commence late February or early March 2016.

The emergency lane will be utilized, where necessary, during the duration of the work, and under the same scheduling as in previous works in the area.

A reminder of the sequencing of the opening and closing of the emergency lane is laid out below.

The emergency lane is not suitable for regular daily traffic, but will be opened up to regulated alternating one way traffic on an as needed basis during the hours of construction work. As it is the contractor’s responsibility to make the work zone safe for traffic outside of construction hours, the emergency lane will be closed outside construction hours.

The following points outline how the opening of the emergency lane will be managed:

  • The contractor will be allowed to open up the emergency lane to alternating one-way traffic, only on the occasions when one lane traffic or detours are not possible past the works on Tudor Avenue.
  • The emergency lane will be controlled by the project contractor; flag persons will be at either end of the lane regulating traffic, only allowing one way traffic at any time.
  • Depending on traffic volumes there could be a wait at the emergency lane, while allowing oncoming traffic through.
  • The emergency lane will be closed after construction is finished for the day and, if required, opened once again when construction commences the following day.
  • Advisory signs in several locations will be visible when the lane is open to give a measure of advanced warning.
  • It is advised, that during the construction, you plan for minor delays along the route and that you inform any trades people or delivery drivers that you may be expecting, of the proposed works and the potential for delays.

Whilst undertaking the work to upgrade the waterworks network the contractor will endeavour to keep disruptions and delays to a minimum. It is, however the nature of the work that there will be times when traffic will need to be stopped for a brief period as a safety measure and to accommodate construction activity.
We thank you for your ongoing patience up to this point and for the duration of the work. If you have any questions regarding the project scope feel free to call me at 250-475-5494 ext 3469 or email Doug Weihing.

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