New development on Penhryn

Dear Cadboro Bay Association

My name is Todd Jared. My wife, Jessica Humphrey, and I have lived in Cadboro Bay with our two children for close to 15 years. We presently own two properties in the neighbourhood. In 2013 we purchased 3861 Cadboro Bay Rd, a triplex that we rent to Uvic students, and last summer we bought 3861A as our family home. We have a total 28,000 square feet that backs on to the properties on the east side of Penhryn St. We feel very fortunate to share this beautiful community with our neighbours.

Today we are writing regarding a proposal for a large multi family development on Penhryn Street. This development will include three properties (2590, 2594, 2598 Penhryn) totalling 30,000 square feet. To give some perspective, the recent construction of the 3 storey Element condo on Penhryn St. includes 14 units. If the new proposal is approved it could potentially include a similar looking 3 storey development, but with over 40 units spanning a much larger space. Our community is under transformation.

This letter is not in opposition to a multi family building on these three properties. We know development in Cadboro Bay is inevitable. However, we are in opposition of a development so large that it will infringe dramatically on the surrounding properties and the community at large. We are asking for the support of the Cadboro Bay Association to ensure a development that respects both the privacy of surrounding neighbours and the beauty of our village and community. We have spoken to the other home owners bordering the proposed development and we will be canvassing the greater community to support our request. We are asking the municipality to ensure a 15 meter residential buffer zone of green space at the back of the property. This “residential buffer zone” would respect the privacy of all the bordering neighbours. Landscape and additional parking would be the only acceptable use of this space.

Please contact us for more information at or Todd Jared cell# 250-589-1256. I have recently joined the Cadboro Bay Association and look forward to working with you all.


Todd Jared and Jessica Humphrey

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