All Beings Confluence Art Show

From Cadboro Bay United Church:

Come Walk With The Beings
All Beings Confluence
Art Exhibition
April 20-28
10:00am – 8:00pm Daily
Admission – Free

You’re Invited! to an interactive Earth Day art show – Walk With The Beings.

The All Beings Confluence Art Show is an ever-expanding art installation created by many individuals and made up of hundreds of long, narrow, sheer panels of fabric each representing a single living Being – a ladybug, a bird, a tree, a single blue-green algae, etc.

Everyone, (including children) are invited to Walk, Dance, or simply Be amongst the panels.

Search out Beings in our pictorial scavenger hunt or
Be more challenged with our written scavenger hunt.

Meghan Vaughan
Cadboro Bay United Church
Ph: 250-477-2715

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