CBRA AGM: report

Over 100 resident association members came out on Wednesday May 11th to hear:

  • Constable Peter Wong – Saanich Police Community Engagement Representative;
  • Peter Kuran, CEO, UVic Properties, addressed the Future Plans for UVic’s Queenswood Property;
  • Mayor Richard Atwell – Keynote Speaker.

There was a question and answer period after each presentation.

The following Executive Members were elected for a one year term—each with their own area of responsibility:

  1. Eric Dahli – Board Chair; SCAN representative; BIA liaison and updating the Village bulletin board
  2. Bill Dancer – Emergency Preparedness Task Force and liaison for the Core Area liquid waste water
  3. Jerry Donaldson – Board Secretary and Chair of the Penrhyn St.  Committee
  4. Jennifer Kay – the Haro Woods Parks Management Plan Advisory Committee Member
  5. Dave Lyn– Membership Chair
  6. Peter Meekison, Vice Chair, an alternate SCAN representative and a U-Vic Liaison committee member
  7. Eric Ochs – Oak Bay Community Association Liaison
  8. Barbara Raponi – UVic Liaison and Queenswood committee Chair
  9. Michael Tripp –Chair CommunityLeadership Awards Project
  10. Lyn Wray – Board Treasurer

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