Have your say online on governance in Saanich


The Saanich Governance Review Citizen Advisory Committee wants to hear what you think about governance in Saanich—the structure, policies and processes, as well as Saanich’s role and partnerships within the region.

The Survey

This survey focuses on governance issues, opportunities, and future enhancements for Saanich and its relationship to other municipal and regional governments.  

Your opinions and experiences are sought as they relate to:

  • accountability,
  • transparency,
  • decision-making,
  • exercise of authority,
  • continuous or performance improvement, and
  • Saanich’s regional role and partnerships.

This survey is voluntary and anonymity will be preserved.  While the survey is open to all citizens in the region, the input of Saanich citizens is the priority—the data collected will differentiate between Saanich residents and non-residents in the analysis and reporting. Individuals will not be identified and our results will only be used for the purposes of this survey. Please go to Resources to view Saanich’s Privacy Notice of Collection regarding the collection of personal information.
The survey is open to Saanich citizens and businesses, as well as residents of other municipalities in the region, and will be available from March 1 – May 31, 2017.

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