2590 Penrhyn St.

Dear Board,

My wife and I live at 2580 Penrhyn, next door to the new
development being considered.  We have learned that a revised design has
been submitted to Saanich planning.  Will our Association be discussing
the revised plan prior to hearings by Saanich Council?

As the next door neighbours, we want to do all we can to make sure
that the new project fits into the area well and in a way that maintains
property values for our building and for the street.  We have concerns
about the height, which seems from the drawing
to be higher than we had previously thought.  The project also seems to
be build closer to the street than we had previously thought.

If you could let us know when the next meeting of the Association
will be held where this project will be discussed, we will be most


Budd Hall and Darlene Clover

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