Concerns about the proposed new townhouses on Penrhyn St.

To The Cadboro Bay Residents Association:

am writing to express my disappointment regarding the proposed new building on Penrhyn Street in Cadboro Bay.  The proposed building would
be next door to our condo building, ‘Element’, at 2580 Penrhyn Street.

I understand the following is being proposed by the developer of the proposed new building:

  • The new building would be flush to the property line at Penrhyn St.
    Is there not an existing bylaw that pertains to setbacks of buildings
    from the property lines/street?  If so, why would Saanich City Council
    agree to accommodate otherwise for the proposed new building? –
     Are the CBRA and the Saanich City Council considerate of the opinions
    of existing residents/neighbours on the street or will council simply
    allow changes to bylaws without such consideration?   –  If council ignores bylaws, it appears bylaws are a waste of our time.
  • The
    property between Gyro Park and Cadboro Bay Village is zoned for singe
    family residences.  Is Saanich City Council planning to agree to change
    these bylaws?
    If the proposed building is accepted by Saanich City Council, clearly that would mean that the council favours the developer’s desire to make money over a
    concern of existing bylaws and neighbours’ feelings.   I
    am asking CBRA and Saanich City Council to address the concern of the
    surrounding neighbours in that a good amount of sunlight would be light
    cut out of many of the condos in our building, and that the beautiful
    views of Cadboro Bay and Gyro Park would be completely destroyed all for
    the benefit of a developer. What indeed does the Saanich Council stand for?  

ask that CBRA present my concerns to Saanich City Council in good faith
in a timely manner, and that CBRA understands and respects all Saanich
bylaws and the reasons bylaws are created.  

intend to deliver my letter to the shops in Cadboro Bay Village and in
greater Victoria, to family and friends in Cadboro Bay and Greater
Victoria and if such a proposal is accepted, to protest by picketing
with signs.

respond with an outline of the requests by the developer of the
proposed new building on Penrhyn Street, the view CBRA is adopting on
this issue and the date by which CBRA will present my letter to Saanich
City Council.  Please note in your response, which bylaws the developer
is asking to be changed for his proposed new building and the name of
the developer.


Susan Burnett

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