Proposed development by iQube Developments raises concern


I live in a Saanich neighbourhood and there is a
proposed development project on our street by iQubeDevelopments, the
same developer responsible for Cadboro Heights.  The proposed
development on our street is at an early stage, but many
of our neighbours already have some serious concerns, as the developer
has not demonstrated much regard for the neighbours, or for due

I have a work colleague who lives just above
Cadboro Heights and he recounted a few problems in regard to how the
developer proceeded with this project.    Would the Residents
Association have any specific information or record of the challenges
encountered by residents bordering this project?   The past history of
this developer would be very helpful to our neighbourhood, when it comes
to responding to the current proposal on our street.  Any information
you could provide would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Paul de la Bastide

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