Better planning needed for Cadboro Bay Village

I am a resident of Cadboro Bay, and I strongly feel that this
application should not be approved without an overall plan put in place
for traffic congestion and safety through the village area. There has
been an exponential increase in traffic recently through the village, in
part from the densification in the village itself making the
intersections at Cadboro Bay road and Sinclair/Penryn both unsafe and in
efficient for the volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic being
seen over the past few years.

Saanich needs to rework in particular those intersections, but also
the overall plan for densification in Cadboro Bay before more
development is approved. Existing residents are being burdened to make
way for developer profits who do not pay a proper share of the costs to
adequately upgrade the surrounding traffic networks (for vehicles,
public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle options) and who do not
have to live with the impacts of their developments.

Yours sincerely,
Curran Crawford PhD PEng
Resident of 2560 Bermuda Place

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