The Art of our community

Become part of a Saanich Public Art Jury to help choose a new work of art to be installed in our community!

this time we are seeking members of the arts community and members of
the public to serve on the Jury for a new public art competition.  The
competition is being initiated to commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary. A request for artists proposals will be released at a later date in the process.

Saanich’s Comprehensive Arts Policy, 2002, requires
that Public Art Juries consist of 5 members from the community.  For
the Canada 150 public art competition Jury, we are looking for 3 artists
and 2 community members.  Jury members should be capable of providing a
critical analysis of artists qualifications, as well as an analysis of
the suitability of each proposal under review.  Art expertise is not
required for community member representatives, as their primary role is
to represent broader community interests and values.

The Jury process requires a commitment to attend 3-4 Jury meetings over a period of 4-6 months.  We are anticipating that the first Jury meeting will be held in late November 2017.  An application form can be downloaded here  or from the Saanich website at

Please submit your application form by email or to District of Saanich Planning Department, 770 Vernon Ave., V8X 2W7, by Monday, October 30, 2017.

For more information, please contact:

Jane Evans, Planner

District of Saanich

770 Vernon Ave

Victoria, BC



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