CBRA Board Meeting, Wednesday Oct 11, 7pm

at Goward House,  2495 Arbutus Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 1V9 

CBRA members in good standing are welcome to attend 


  1. Call to Order 
    1. Motion to approve agenda. 
  2. Approval of minutes 
    1. Motion to approve the September 13, 2017 board meeting minutes.  
  3. Chair’s Report  
  4. Treasurer’s Report   
  5. Committee Reports 
    1. UVic. Liaison Committee 
    2. Emergency Preparedness Task Force  
    3. SCAN Committee 
    4. Lower Penrhyn Committee 
    5. Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan Committee 
    6. Saanich Parks Advisory Group 
    7. Core Area Liquid Waste Water Liaison 
    8. Upper Sinclair Road Improvements Committee 
  6. Old Business   
    1. Proposed Stratification of 2614 Queenswood [ERIC D.] 
    2. The CBRA website JERRY 
    3. Proposal to Subdivide 2521 Sinclair Road [ERIC D.]
      This matter is now closed, the proposed subdivision having been  
    4. E & O insurance for the Board ERIC D. 
    5. Hydro Boxes DAVE L. 
    6. Dead Boats Society 
    7. The Landlocked Blue House 
    8. Policing of Students and Fireworks In Gyro Park 
  7. New Business 
    1. Frank Hobbs Playground Committee ERIC O. 
    2. Tree Canopy Workshop 
      This initiative was conceived by Paul De Greif,Cedar Hill Community Association with the support Blenkinsop Valley Community Association. These groups say urban green space is critical to the health and liveability of our communities.  They ask that citizens help reinforce the case for green space inclusion on development and re-development projects in our city. The Workshop is held on Saturday, November 18th 2017 from 8 am to 4pm, at The Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria, BC. Tickets for this one day workshop are $120.00 per person which includes breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks followed by a wrap up reception. 
    3. Local Area Plan process LYN W.  
    4. Tract of Land Entrance to Ten Mile Point 
    5. Should CBRA approach Saanich replanting that area in either flowers or native plants? (Diane  Cameron   2751 Tudor. Ave.) 
  8. Adjournment

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